Happy as a Clam!

I’m sure you’ve heard this expression at least once in your life, lol! But did you know the meaning behind it? I have to admit that I didn’t, so off to Google I went to try to find out. And this is what I found.

Origin of Happy as a Clam – The idea behind this expression is that clams are happiest when the ocean is at high tide. When the water it as high tide, the clams are protected from predation by birds. This idiom originated in the United States around the year 1830.

Hmm…so how does this corelate to my post? I guess I can look at it as being happy when surround by an abundance of something nuturing. Ok, this might be a stretch but I’m going with it, lol!

The reason that I’m “happy as a clam” is that Stampin’ UP! just processed their annual recognition awards and I was recognized in 3 categories! Woo Hoo! I know people are motivared by many different things, so the achievement factor will feel different for each of us. But it really does bring me joy to know that I’m being recognized for something that I love doing.

And I wouldn’t be receiving this recognition if it weren’t for my wonderful team who decide to stick with me, and my amazing customers who help me maintain my sales requirements to keep this train going! Not to mention that the people from both of these groups have become wonderful friends, and THAT is the achievement that means the most to me.

So, sending my heartfelt thanks to those who helped me be recognized in the following categories!

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