Happy as a Clam!

I’m sure you’ve heard this expression at least once in your life, lol! But did you know the meaning behind it? I have to admit that I didn’t, so off to Google I went to try to find out. And this is what I found. Origin of Happy as a Clam – The idea behind …

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So Grateful

We are definitely all going through a very strange and possibly stressful time with the current health crisis.  And even though a lot of us are inconvenienced and impacted in different ways, those who are on the front lines are definitely feeling the brunt of things, in my humble opinion.  The medical professionals are doing …

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NC Demo’s April Blog Hop – Mom’s the Word

Hi Everyone!  Thanks for joining us on our Blog Hop this month.  Our theme is celebrating mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, or any woman who has made an impact on our lives.  This was an easy one for me, because my Mom has always been an inspiration to me, and continues to be.  She was widowed at a very young …

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